Core Values


COPPERA owns our results. We take pride in our work and deliver quality as a team. We are success-oriented and learn from our mistakes.


COPPERA strives to be professional, always, in both appearance and communication. We are committed to positivity, attention to detail, and prompt timing.


COPPERA is a family business. We pledge to remain respectful and friendly o each other, our customers and vendors. We have a passion to care for those around us and to make a positive impact on people's lives.


COPPERA guarantees to remain loyal to ourselves, our customers, our vendors, and our community. We hold one another accountable and do what we say, always!


COPPERA is committed to continuous improvement, personally and professionally, We aim to be proactive, solution-oriented, and self-motivated. We are life-long-learners; always searching for new and better tools and technologies to perform our work better.