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Industry Folks - Jon Alvarez, Coppera, LLC

“I like knowing how important plumbers are, especially in the commercial industry. Plumbers have their hands on the project first and they are usually the last ones to leave.”
Jon Alvarez

How to Recruit HVAC Techs & Plumbers Much Faster

“There is a great opportunity within the industry but a lack of skilled craft workers. We have found most success in recruiting events through the military and area schools. We hire professionals with other skills that are beneficial to the job and train them in the plumbing industry through PHCC’s accredited program.”
Samuel Dowdy Jr.

Published 09/2018

Taking Care of Their Troops

“The leadership skills I learned in the military help me connect with our team and focus on the whole person instead of viewing everyone as simply a worker”
Mark Weaver

Published 08/2018

Bringing up a workforce

"COPPERA has collaborated with Austin CAN Academy to offer their students continuing education after graduation through COPPERA’s Plumber Apprentice Scholarship program."
Cyndi Wright

Published 02/2017

New name, same game!

“We look forward to developing new partnerships with general contractors and customers within our market area as we move forward under the re-branding of COPPERA LLC.”
Samuel Dowdy Jr.

Published 06/2016